Our Oceans
Our Oceans
November 15, 2015

Tymon Kruideniervocals & guitars
Michel Nienhuisguitars
Robin Zielhorstbass
Jasper Barendregtdrums & percussion

Produced, mixed and mastered by Tymon Kruidenier

Additional engineering by Joris Bonis and Yuma van Eekelen

Vocals, guitars and bass recorded at TymonSound
Drums recorded at Muziekstudio Paul Francois

Photography by Arno Frericks

A special thanks goes out to Ingrid van Dijk, Jan Greven, Noora Häkkinen, Yuma van Eekelen, Joris Bonis, Arno Frericks, Ingmar Otter, Shane Johnson and Andrew Southworth.

A huge, heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who supported our crowd-funding campaign! Not only for believing in a new band, but also for your patience. We know it took a little longer than expected but we hope it was worth the wait.

Janus van Binsbergen, Marjan Mensert, Jaap Barendregt, Nicolas Amiotte, Bryce Kelaart, Jacob Nienhuis, Ytje de Boer and Nathaniel Greenwood, thank you for your generous contributions!